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Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu

Starting Fall of 2022, we will be offering Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu classes. You might not have heard of these classical martial arts. However, their modern sports versions are practiced worldwide by millions of practitioners (Kendo and Iaido).


Kenjutsu is the art of sword fencing. Many of the lightsaber moves in Star Trek are based on Kenjutsu. This is because a very famous Japanese Kenjutsu instructor was the sword fencing director in the original star trek movie. In kenjutsu, practitioners learn solo and partner exercises using a wooden sword (bokuto) and a softer practice sword (fukuro shinai). The kenjutsu we study in our school is a branch of shinkage-ryu from Aizu, Japan.


Iaijutsu is the art of drawing, cutting, and then returning the sword to the sheath. Iaijutsu is mainly performed as a solo exercise, focusing on control and awareness. Beginners start with a wooden sword (bokuto) and a sheath (saya), and then continue with an iaito (unsharp katana or samurai sword). Advanced practitioners use a shinken (sharp sword).

Classes for adults and youth

Two separate classes are offered: for adults and youth. The instruction is provided by Chris de Feijter, who is the Canadian Branch Director of the Japanese Bushinkai organization in Aizu, Japan. If you or your child are interested, please follow the links to learn more about the adult and the youth program.

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