Our Karate features the best of three well-known styles.

At La Ronge Martial Arts, the Head instructor has combined elements of three well-known styles of karate  – Wado-ryu, Genwa-kai, and Shotokan – into a varied program of kihon (basics) and kata (forms). Why limit to only one style where the combination of various helps participants grow to the best of their ability?

Our school teachers Karate the way it is done in small schools in Japan: everyone learns together. We do not implement the strict structures you often see in Western dojos. Rather, we want to create a learning environment in where every member feels safe, acknowledges, and has unlimited opportunities to grow in skill development.

How we Learn

Karate is taught alongside other martial arts using the Japanese model of teaching: the head instructor teaches the different skills at the same time, moving from group to group. In our dojo, you see participants learning their skills by themselves under guidance from other students and the head instructor. 

Development of Skills

Our Karate training focuses on self-defence – not on competition. However, we do spar (Kumite) without protective gear to test how we can further develop our skills. This brings each member closer to their next learning level. 


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