Judo is widely studied and a well-known Olymic Sport.

In Japan, Judo is practiced widely in elementary and high schools. It was developed in the 1880-ies by Grandmaster Jigoro Kano. Although strikes with the hands and feet do exist in older forms of Judo, they are not allowed in free practice or in competitions. If you are looking for a dynamic sports martial art, Judo may be a good fit for you!

Our school teaches Classical Japanese Jujutsu, which is the combat martial art where Jigoro Kano derived Judo from. Because Judo was designed as a form of exercise for school students, many of the more dangerous techniques from Jujutsu were left out to prevent injuries during competition and training sessions. However, Jujutsu skills are not necessarily more dangerous than Judo techniques when practiced and taught properly. As much as in Judo, Jujutsu practitioners take great care of their training partners. 

How we Learn

We do not teach Judo in our school in La Ronge, but we do teach Nihon Jujutsu. This is taught alongside other martial arts using the Japanese model of teaching: the head instructor teaches the different skills at the same time, moving from group to group. In our dojo, you see participants learning their skills by themselves under guidance from other students and the head instructor. If you are looking to learn Judo in La Ronge, reach out to the local judo school that has been in existence for quite some years.

Development of Skills

Our Japanese Jujutsu training focuses on self-defence – not on competition. However, we do test how we can further develop our skills by trying the skills out on other members. This brings each member closer to their next learning level. All members wear a white belt until they are ready to progress to Shodan (black belt).


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