Our Kids Program helps your child BOOST their Development.

La Ronge Ninja Kids Martial Arts® blends Junan Taiso (Japanese Yoga), Karate, and Jujutsu into a program full of Play & Exploration, movement, problem solving, fun, and self defence. Our training targets the stages of development of kids ages 3 to 14 years old, and focus on enhancing your child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual abilities. Teens 14+ can join our adult program.

La Ronge Ninja Kids Martial Arts® is all about encouragement and training self-esteem, self-worth, focus & attention, and physical and mental development. Children with Special Needs are welcome to join, especially children with orthopaedic conditions that make other team sports too challenging to do. The Sky is the limit, but where does it end…?

How it all Started

La Ronge Ninja Kids Martial Arts® was started in 2014 after our Head Instructor Chris had received several requests from parents about teaching martial arts to younger children. This resulted in the creation of La Ronge Ninja Kids in 2014, and has evolved into Ninja Kids Martial Arts® in 2016.

Development of Skills

Our training focuses on self-defence – not on competition. Instruction is done by a professional educator and a physical therapists to help each child move to the best of their ability. This brings each member closer to their next learning level to earn a new belt.

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