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In 2013, a Non-profit corporation called Taka Budo Dokokai Martial Arts Inc. (known as Hekisuikan in Japan) was formed to govern licensed and authentic Japanese Martial Arts in Northern Saskatchewan. This resulted in the establishment of modern as well as classical martial arts programs in La Ronge under the name La Ronge Martial Arts.

Our passion is to bring classical Japanese Martial Arts to Northern Saskatchewan. These arts (Bujutsu) are pure, and have been handed down from generation to generation, often going back to the late 1600s of ancient Japan. We focus on preserving the skills exactly as our teachers in Japan teach us, without the need to modernize or change anything – what works, works!

“I love traditional Japanese martial arts, they are exactly what they appear to be. They never change and never disappoint. There is a purity in them that I have not found in anything else. These martial art techniques left to us from long ago are like concentrated crystals of beauty. It would be shameful to let them go to waste. We must study hard, interpret them the right way, and create meaning for each skill to ensure the future generation can continue to enjoy them.” – Dr. Chris de Feijter, Head Instructor.