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Are you ready to start learning  Martial Arts? We are here to guide your learning journey into the world of true bujutsu (Classical Japanese martial arts) as taught in Japan.

About our School

We are a not-for-profit corporation, with as goal to study modern and classical Japanese martial arts in Saskatchewan and in Canada. We manage several programs that are rigorous, exciting, as well as challenging at times. We invite you to come train with us to start enjoying the numerous benefits of studying martial arts through enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Dr. Chris de Feijter
Head Instructor


La Ronge Martial Arts provides learning opportunities to kids and adults in various modern and classical Japanese Martial Arts.


Nihon Jujutsu

Japanese Jujutsu is the art of manipulating an opponent’s skeleton, using leverage, locks, throws, and momentum.


Ninja Kids Martial Arts®

A unique and dynamic martial arts program to help kids boost their physical, emotional, and intellectual development.



The study of small handheld hidden weapons such as Bo-Shuriken. If you love throwing things, be ready for the next challenge!



Our Karatejutsu instruction is not focused on competition. It focuses on learning essential atemi (striking) skills and forms.



Learn how to use a variety of classical martial arts tools, which were used by the ancient police in Samurai times.


Studying martial arts these days can done for many reasons, including wanting to be active, learning self-defense, or to better understand how the ancient samurai warriors used their skills. 

Why Study with Us

No, in our programs we do not compete with others. Hence, the only competition is with yourself!

The Head Instructor of our school travels to Japan once or twice per calendar year to continue his own learning. All of us are students – forever- as learning never stops.

Members in our school are of all ages, from young kids to senior citizens of La Ronge. We adjust our programs to fit your health, level of development, as well as your limits.

Ask us about our licenses in person, and we will show you our authorization documents from the grand-masters in Japan. Many instructors hide their credentials, we gladly share with you as there is nothing to hide.

Years of Experience
100 s
of Skills and Forms to Learn
$ 40
Flat Training Fee per Month

What our members say about us

I attended some of the Women Self-defence classes and I learned important skills to keep myself and my daughter safe.
Melanie Spencer
Former member
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