Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu: Sword fencing arts of the Samurai

Our Kenjutsu and Iai-jutsu program is based on Shinkage-ryu, one of the older schools of Kenjutsu in Japan. We study Shinkage-ryu Iai (sword drawing) as taught within the Bushin-kai in Japan. Kenjutsu & Iai-jutsu are excellent skills to learn in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

Our school teaches Classical Kenjutsu and Iai-jutsu the way it is done in small schools in Japan: everyone learns together. We do not implement the strict structures you often see in Western dojos. Rather, we want to create a learning environment in where every member feels safe, acknowledges, and has unlimited opportunities to grow in skill development.

How we Learn

Kenjutsu and Iai-jutsu is taught alongside other martial arts using the Japanese model of teaching: the head instructor teaches the different skills at the same time, moving from group to group. In our dojo, you see participants learning their skills by themselves under guidance from other students and the head instructor. 

Development of Skills

Iai-jutsu (Shinkage-ryu Iai) can be practiced without a partner as it focuses on sword drawing. Beginners use a bokuto and saya (wooden samurai sword with sheath). Intermediate practitioners use a Iaito (unsharp metal katana). Only advanced members are allowed to use a shinken (sharp katana). The instructor provides these permission for each participant at their level.

For Kenjutsu, we use a Fukuro-shinai. This is a special type of bamboo sword with a leather sheath. The colour is either white or red. Below you can see an image of the Fukuro-shinai.


Within classical Japanese martial arts, lineage is essential. La Ronge Martial Arts is an official keikokai (study group) of the NIHON-DEN KOBU-DŌ BUSHIN KAI,  a registered non-profit association, with legal headquarters in Toyotashi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Kenjutsu and Iai-jutsu are taught on Friday evenings in the Pre-Cam gym, in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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