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Location: Pre-Cam Community School Gym

Ninja Kids Seminar Feb 17

On February 17, from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm, Pre Cam Gym: Sensei Tom (flying in from Alberta) and Sensei Chris co-teach a seminar on ancient Ninjutsu techniques. Never done in La Ronge before, these skills were mastered by the Japanese Ninja a long time ago. Sensei Tom has been studying Ninjutsu for more than

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Martial Arts Seminar Winter 2023

Experience Various Asian Martial Arts in One Seminar Authorized Master-level Instructors Program Participants are split into groups to experience each martial art with one instructor. Each block of instruction is 50 minutes. Between each group is a short 10-minute break. If you have always wanted to experience classical martial arts but never knew what to

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