Aikido is well-known from many TV series and Movies.

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a combination of his martial studies, philosophy and religious beliefs. Aikido has been very popular ever since TV Series and Movies started to demonstrate Aikido skills. Many movie stars including Steven Seagal are known Aikido practitioners and have made the art quite famous. 

AikidoAlthough Aikido is based on classical martial arts, it is actually quite modern as it was founded in 1925. Ever since then, Aikido has splintered into various groups around the world. Many schools these days focus on different aspects, and some haven even declared Aikido as a religious and spiritual event. Aikido can be traced back to Aikijutsu, which was a form of Japanese Jujutsu that included the study of various martial arts weapons such as the bokuto (wooden sword).

How we Learn

We do not teach Aikido in our school in La Ronge. However, our style of Japanese Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) includes many skills that were once part of a Japanese martial art from where Aikido was derived. We study kata (forms) that have similar names as kata in Aikido, however, we emphasize the self-defence and combat aspect of the forms rather than the spiritual aspect. We teach Nihon Jujutsu alongside other martial arts using the Japanese model of teaching: the head instructor teaches the different skills at the same time, moving from group to group. In our dojo, you see participants learning their skills by themselves under guidance from other students and the head instructor. 

Development of Skills

Our Japanese Jujutsu training focuses on self-defence – not on competition. However, we do test how we can further develop our skills by trying the skills out on other members. This brings each member closer to their next learning level. All members wear a white belt until they are ready to progress to Shodan (black belt).


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